The internet is full of bizarre stuff and weird challenges that usually grip the netizen’s attention. After the viral Kiki challenge, Blue Whale Challenge and Mary Poppins Challenge that led to many getting injured, another challenge named Vacuum Challenge is taking the internet by storm. The challenge has sought a lot of attention on social media and people are posting their videos as they take up the challenge. The hashtag #vaccumchallenge is also trending on social networking sites.

In the unusual challenge, people are supposed to climb inside the garbage bag after which a vacuum is used to suck the air out of the bag. The bag stick to the body like a bodysuit and the person inside the bag gets stuck at one place unable to move. In some videos, you can see the person also falls down as soon as the air is sucked out of the bag.

The videos of the challenge are going insanely viral but they are dangerous to take up as it can choke a person leading danger to life.

Watch the videos here:

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Tomorrow’s plan-shop for better bin bag, perfect this! #binbagchallenge #vaccumchallenge #son

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Klart man måste testa #Vacuumchallenge på barna😂

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The Vacuum has the tendency to suck out the air from the garbage bag leading to choking a person, who is inside the bag. The challenge is dangerous to life.

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Trying the latest challenge 😅😅 #vaccumchallenge #hilarious

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A boy, who tried the challenge said, “I was laying there for 2 hours before my parents came home.” While the other spoke about his experience and said, “It looks like I’m wearing a leather jumpsuit.”

The challenge is dangerous to life and we recommend not to try it.