Feb 15: United States of America, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama shared a special Valentine’s Day message for each other on the Ellen Degeneres show. Obama who is not spending this Valentine with his wife shared an adorable message on the show. Likewise, Michelle also shared a video of her romantic message with her husband on the show.

Michelle who surprised the President with her video, recited a poem for him, which went, “Roses are red, violets are blue. You are the president, and I am your boo.” (Also Read: Michelle Obama features in rap video to inspire you to go to college)

In return, Obama gave a pun intended message on the show. He started off saying, “Somebody call the situation room, ’cause things are about to get hot.” He further continued, “Michelle, this Valentines Day I’m going to treat you right. I’m going to make you some zucchini bread and then spread out some veggies on a plate, just the way you like it. I love you so much. I ObamaCare about you more than you even know.” (Also Read: Barack Obama’s video ‘singing’ Bruno Mars’ hit ‘Uptown Funk’ goes viral)

Watch the video below: