A daughter’s wedding is a dream which a father plans since she is born. The Rajashekaran family from Vellore had the same dream to write a specific name on the guests’ list. He has a very different kind of list which none of us must have thought. TS Rajasekaran, a retired regional medical researcher and supervisor, who recently invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi in her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Not only this, the Rajashekaran family were surprised when they received a letter of congratulations from PM Modi himself.

The wedding of his daughter is supposed to take place on September 11.

PC: Lokmat News

The letter read, “It is my pleasure to learn about the wedding of your daughter Dr Rajsri with Dr Sudarsan. Thank you for inviting me on this momentous occasion.”

Further, the letter wished that the couple have a future filled with prosperity and wonderful shared experiences. “As they start this new phase in their lives, I pray that the journey is filled with prosperity and wonderful shared experiences. I wish they move ahead in their life with joy and happiness”, writes PM Modi in the letter.

The letter ends with, “With all these blessings, I once again congratulate the couple for their married life and family, friends and loved ones on this special occasion.”

The congratulatory message from the Prime Minister left the families of the couple elated. The excited and happy family plans to take the picture and in an interview said that this gesture from the PM comes as a huge surprise for them.

The Rajasekaran family knew that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy with his work and won’t be able to make it. Perhaps, the letter from him has made their day and this is the best gift they can receive.