April 5: How many videos of the West Indies team celebrating after their stupendous win at the World Cup T20 final win, have you watched? Yes, there are a lot of them and one just doesn’t seem to get enough of watching them or joining in with their happiness and celebrations. However, amongst all the celebrations, there was another dance performance that made waves on social media, for it’s incredibly entertaining and is also making people groove along with the upbeat and peppy music.

Ahead of the heavyweight match, Emirates crew walked out on the field of Kolkata’s Eden Gardens and did a surprising dance routine on peppy Bollywood music. The crowd was thrilled to see the surprise number and some of them could be seen dancing along with the crew! The video was posted some 18 hours ago by the Emirates on their Facebook page and on their Youtube channel and the video has already garnered over 1 million views and counting. Also Read: Jennifer Aniston stars in funny new emirates commercial

The performance inspired by the ‘Welcome on Board’ demonstration, shows the audiences how to respond to a six for example, or a four, in the manner of the demonstration. The routine is winning people’s hearts online, not juts because of the creative spin to the in-flight formalities, but also because of the vivacious Bhangra beats and the energetic actions. Have a look! This is sure to make you jump to your feet and dance along too.