Clips of a young child smoking marijuana went viral after it found its way to the internet. The child’s mother in question, Brianna Ashanti Lofton, who is 20 years of age was detained in Raleigh, North Carolina was arrested after the videos of her baby smoking cannabis surfaced online. The viral video shows an adult holding a cigarette to a young child’s mouth and the child then smokes from it. Lofton who has been detained now faces child abuse and marijuana possession charges. However, the videos have been been now deleted after people reported the same to police and expressed their horror.  The Raleigh Police Department also issued a short statement on Facebook after there was outrage on Lofton’s arrest.

The Facebook post thanked everyone saying it was a big help as to whosoever posted information about the smoking mother and baby. It further said that because of the immediate action, the child is now safe and the mother is in police custody. Lieutenant Jason Hodge from the police department added that public’s timely help in this matter is appreciated. He also said that the police department welcomed as well as encouraged such help at all times.