Professional kitesurfer Alex Soto had a taste of the movie ‘Jaws’ as he almost collided with a shark, just off Cabarete in the Dominican Republic coast. Training for the 2019 Pan American Games, Alex fell off the board, in the course of kitesurfing, after colliding with a shark. The GoPro camera that he was carrying recorded his close encounter as he hung onto the kite which save his life probably.

Apparently, the people, at the school where Alex works, did not believe him initially until he showed them the recorded video as proof.

Watch the heart-chilling video footage here:

Alex noticed the shark out of the blue, right before he crashed since he was going too fast to avoid it. Flipping off his board into the water, he held on to his kite. Referring to the collision, Alex told that he had never seen a shark in Cabarete in 14 years hence, was surprised out of his wits when he first saw it. This also explains why people refused to believe him initially.

However, a responsible Alex commented that this only proves how we are invading the the Elasmobranch fish’s habitat hence, none should be surprised if they see any sharks in the area. The surfer escaped unharmed and lives to tell the tale with only the foil on his kite and the board completely ruined. Sharing his spine-chilling encounter on social media on Thursday, Alex uploaded the video which went instantly viral, garnering more than a lakh views from people all around the world!