The video of the two SUV cars playing seesaw has gone viral, and it will leave you in amaze. In the video, the cars are performing the stunt on a seesaw-like structure and are being balanced by each other. Both cars were driven on to the wooden plank, and very smoothly they are being balanced.

The video was shared by a Facebook page named ‘Troll’ and in less than 24 hours video has garnered 26 shares and 21 K views. People on Facebook are constantly tagging their friends in the video, and it is being surfaced all over the internet. The video has made people wonder that how something like this is even possible.

Well, the Internet is a vast space of new and exciting stuff that people keep posting from all around the globe, and we continue being amazed at the marvellous things that Internet has to offer us.

Check out the video

The stunt in the video is performed by experts, and we hope you are not planning to take on this adventure as this stunt will cause severe injuries. The cars playing seesaw on the wooden plank will definitely lower your Monday blues and will motivate you to go to work with a happy face.

Do let us know how did you find the video.