Narendra Modi had pledged that if he is elected as the Prime Minister of India, he would offer his whole and sole help while proposing to host a ‘Ganga Parliament’ and spoke about the dire need to protect River Ganges.

This video report is about Narendra Modi’s plans for cleaning up and saving the Ganga. Everyone is anticipating how Modi’s efforts would change the Ganga’s current distressing state. He is going to set aside a budget of 25,000 crore for this project and his main motto is to stop polluting the sacred river Ganga. I

t is reported that a waterfront will be made on Sabarmati and also STP plants will be erected, sewage treatment planning will be done and the whole area will undergo beautification.

Watch this video to know more about how the Ganga will be revived back to life by India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi.