Sunny Leone's husband Daniel Weber's confessions about her!

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Pornstar and Bollywood actor Sunny Leone was born on May 13, 1981 and celebrates her 33rd birthday today. She was on a short visit to Los Angeles and is back in Mumbai now. On her birthday, we share a video of her husband Daniel Weber’s exclusive interview.

“If you have a wife like Sunny Leone, you’d better have confidence,” says Daniel on being asked whether he feels insecure of his wife getting cosy with her male co-stars in Bollywood.

On the success of their marriage, he says, “We do everything together…we talk about it – should we do this, should we not…It’s the best thing about a relationship – always talk. Put it out on the table.”

Daniel also goes on to talk about Sunny’s best quality, “She is the happiest person…nothing throws her off.”

Not too long ago, Sunny had also revealed that she is absolutely committed to her husband to whom she has been married since 2011. She had said that she is in a monogamous relationship with Daniel and is not after the husbands of Indian women.

Apart from being an actor and Sunny’s manager, Daniel is a musician and has his own band. We hope he is giving Sunny a wonderful gift for her birthday! Watch video!