Vikas Khanna has won millions of hearts with his charming personality and loving nature. The good looking super chef has reached places and become one of the most known Indian chefs in the culinary world. However, more than his talent, Vikas Khanna is known for the personality, and his latest Facebook post speaks volume about his thoughts on family and his values. The Indian culinary genius took to Facebook to share a personal experience which taught him to value and cherish time spent with your loved ones, especially your mother and father. Indian Chef Vikas Khanna’s Documentary to Premiere at Cannes Film Festival

The Facebook post has Vikas Khanna share a tale about his conversation with his father on the day of his death. Vikas revealed that he had called his father on Jan 31, 2015, as per her daily morning ritual and spoke to his dad about being associated with Mercedes. On this, Vikas’ father had revealed how it was his dream to drive his son’s Merc and said that he had never spoken about this wish as he had never asked. His father passed away later in the day.

Vikas’ post beautifully captures the void feeling that you are left with when you lose your dad. The post described this feeling of being ‘unprotected to the World’, which is true for people of all age. Losing a dad can be one of the most difficult things to fight through, and Vikas’ post captures the lesson that he learnt and wishes to share with the world, ‘Don’t wait for a single more moment. Our parents might never ask for anything and just give all their lives to us.’

You can read Vikas Khanna’s entire post here

This beautiful Facebook post proved once again that Vikas Khanna is a wonderful person who knows exactly how to encourage his fans on the right path. The phenomenal chef has left many fans teary eyed with this emotional Facebook post and made him a true inspiration.