Celebrities are not merely people who should be blindly followed. There are umpteen numbers of things that we can learn from celebrities and the movers and shakers. Their discipline, their pep-talks, their leadership skills are things that a mere common man should emulate in his or her life to become a successful person. However, now social media has proved to be a treasure trove of wisdom that we can gain from our favourite celebrities. The Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna’s rags-to-riches story and how he triumphed against all his life’s setbacks are what legends are made of. However, this time he shared some positive life hacks on his Twitter account that is purely ROFL material and will also give you an idea on how improvisation can help in life. Not surprisingly, his tweet on the marvelous life hack is winning the internet and the social media.

Vikas Khanna who is pretty active on Twitter and on social media often shares some inspiring and motivational videos and thoughts on his accounts. Recently he had shared the motivational video of a boy born without limbs climbing the stairs of a playground slide and sliding down with utmost glee and happiness. However, this time Vikas Khanna went one step further. He shared a photo of a man who wanted a formal looking professional photograph for his resume but he did not have a blazer, so he improvised. He took a pair of black trousers and draped it around his shoulders making it look as if he is wearing a coat and then clicked the purely professional looking photo. Vikas Khanna tweeted out the photo with the caption, “Life!!! Moving forward is the only way!!!” Chef Vikas Khanna Gets Impressed By The Cooking Skills Of Bomb Blast Victim Malvika Iyer Who Lost Both Her Hands In The Explosion!

Unsurprisingly the Twitterati loved the life hack and couldn’t help but applaud the guy for his smartness. Sample a few tweets below:

This is called Jugaad

A point to ponder

Change should be for betterment

Vikas Khanna’s motivational posts are a testimony to the fact that we should not accept failure in life but should make the most of what we have. We can always change the situation and turn the tide in our favour if we only apply our wits and strength to the circumstances because God does not give you a cross whose weight you will not be able to bear.