The internet is a great thing, sometimes it becomes a bane but mostly it always proves itself as a boon. In an exceptional event, a viral post by Humans of Bombay Facebook page that featured the story of a cancer patient named Rushi has not only won hearts on the internet but has also raised funds for his chemotherapy. The post swiftly went viral and ensured that the required funds were raised by the netizens for the treatment. Rushi is suffering from a rare type of cancer called MDS which puts his bone marrow at high risk. Rushi’s treatment had to be stopped after 8 cycles of chemotherapy session because of lack of funds. Rushi’s treatment would cost around Rs 30 lakh and guess what, through the power of the internet and social media the Humans of Bombay page was able to collect more than Rs 25 lakh needed for the treatment in a day. Rushi had described in the post how he has big dreams of pursuing an MBA from IIM and is staying positive by watching motivational videos and studying for the competitive exams. He had shared his dreams of giving a good life to his parents and taking care of them. Naturally, his endearing and touching story struck a chord with the masses and the Indian people wasted no time in raising funds for his treatment.

Rushi in his Facebook post writes how he wanted to provide peace and relaxation to his parents. He writes, “Ever since I was a child, I used to tell my father, ‘I want you to retire at 52, I will take care of everything after that.’ I have no idea where this thought came from or why that’s motivated me my entire life. Maybe because I’ve seen him work so hard every single day- my father goes to different houses to officiate religious ceremonies. My dream has been to see him relax, maybe take road trips with his friends and finally start living for himself. When I told my dad I wanted to pursue MBA, he smiled and immediately started calculating how much it would cost. There were no discussions about whether it would be affordable for our family or not. Since then, with his salary of just Rs. 15,000, he has managed to collect almost Rs. 13 lakh for my college fees. After getting a decent score in my entrance exam, I was coming to Mumbai for my admission, and that’s when fate changed our path. I’d been feeling weak for about a week in Baroda, when I got my blood tests done. The reports revealed a shocking drop in my blood count — I had a condition called MDS which puts my bone marrow at a high risk.” Queer Mumbai Woman’s Post On Humans Of Bombay Facebook Page Goes Viral For Heartbreaking Reasons

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Rushi’s bone marrow matched his father who agreed to a transplant but the cost is a staggering Rs 30 lakh which is something that his family could not raise. After undergoing 8 sessions of chemotherapy that leaves people highly vulnerable and weak the treatment had to be stopped because Rushi’s family ran out of funds for his treatment. However, thanks to the people on the internet and social media his treatment would once again start. Karishma Mehta, The Woman Behind Humans Of Bombay Facebook Page Gave A TEDx Talk About Her Failures At IIFT

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It is really heartwarming to see people helping each other out. We often see Gofundme pages asking for donations and contributions but it brings immense pride in the fact that we Indians, got together to fulfill a random stranger’s dream and help him tide over his ailment. The fact that Rs 25 lakhs were collected gives us hope and fills our heart with happiness and faith that the world is indeed beautiful.