American cop who believes that ‘no one is above the law’ recently pulled over his toddler daughter for driving on the wrong side of the road. Interestingly, his daughter is only 10-months-old and she was riding her toy car. Officer Alex Kipp was returning from home from work when he saw his daughter driving her toy car on the wrong side of the road.

Orlando Police Department took to Facebook to share the adorable video of the incident and it has gone viral on the internet. The 33-second clip shows the father cop asking his daughter for her driving license, registration and proof of insurance. In response, the toddler starts laughing. Kipp then says, “I don’t believe this is a laughing matter”, which prompts the toddler to laugh out louder. The police officer then let her go with a warning. At the end of the video, the mother can be heard saying, “On the run again!”

Watch the viral video here:

The video has fetched 10,000 likes and thousands of comments. One user wrote, “Teaching her early that nothing will happen to her. Privilege must be a wonderful thing.” While the other commented, “This is precious beyond words. We need to remember law enforcement has a family that needs them to come home after work. This video will be more and more precious as time passes. Thank you for sharing.”

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