That the neighbouring country is in a deep economic crisis is no secret and luring investors to bridge the gap, Pakistan’s Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCIP) recently held an investment conference in Azerbaijan’s Baku. Going over the top, a video, now trending viral on Twitter, shows the conference being highlighted by belly dancers making users lose their calm instantly.

Shared by a journalist, Gul Bukhari, the video shows several belly dancers taking to the stage at the conference and adding all the missing glamour to the event. The video was captioned, “When General Doctrine Chief Economist tries to lure investors into the Pakistan Investment Promotion Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan with belly dancers…. (sic).”

Crying foul, one user commented, “Pakistanis have nothing else to show to promote investment, except belly dancing. (sic)”, another wrote, “Pakistan doing what it does best (sic)” while yet another tweeted, “Aachaaa hai Atleast bechare PM Imran Khan ko MUJRA nahin karna pada (sic)”. The move was targetted with several accusations ranging from wasting taxpayers hard-earned money to questioning whether “this what Jinnah had in mind when he gave you guys your freedom.”