If you’ve never been inside an aeroplane, you probably have tons of questions. For many of us, the first journey is full of good memories, but we guess for this woman, it must be dreadful. A hilarious video is doing rounds on the social media where a confused lady passenger can be seen climbing onto a luggage conveyor belt at a Turkish airport, reportedly thinking it would take her to the plane.

The video that has gone viral in no time, shows the woman holding her luggage while stepping onto the conveyor belt. However, she fails to maintain balance and falls down prompting the airport staff to stop the functioning of the belt.

Confused airport staff, who was at the counter, jumped up to help her before she ended up in a pile of checked luggage aboard the cargo carrier. The woman said she thought the conveyor belt would take her to the aircraft.

Watch the hilarious video here:


After the video was shared online, netizens couldn’t control their funny reactions. “I feel guilty for laughing but what was she doing”, read one of the many tweets on the viral clip.


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