A video of a crow has gone viral on social media and have become the talk of the town. In the video, the crow refuses all offers until it gets the fish it wants. The bird can be seen sitting on a tray full of fish and is trying to take the biggest fish possible. When the fishmonger tries to shoo it away, it refuses to go. Then the fishmonger tries to offer a small fish to the crow but he refuses to accept. The crow keeps refusing the small fishes until it gets the fish of the size it wants. Finally, the fishmonger has to seal a deal by giving it a bigger fish than he attended to give and the crow flew away happily holding the fish inside its beak.

The video was shared by a Twitter user named Geetima Das Krishna and it fetched 8,928 retweets, 23,939 likes and thousands of comments.

Watch the video here:

Many Twitterati found it amazing. One user tweeted, “Agree. Crows are really smart. There was this crow who would come in for a snack every morning. And would talk to me as well. One day I forgot the daily treat & got a sharp peck on the head.” While the other one commented, “My childhood I living with thousands of crow. Pipal tree has a nest of thousands of crow. When they come for food my grandmother said some relatives are coming to our house next in few days. Really amazing childhood memories.”

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