Despite several warnings by the Ministry of Railways, there is no stopping to people who try to get-off or get in inside a running train. Though several videos have made its way to social media and it has been said time and again that climbing inside the train or getting off is dangerous to life, people in hurry tend to perform the stunt on daily basis.

Now, a video of Howrah Station, Kolkata has been shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter by the official handle of the Ministry of Railways. In the video, a passenger can be seen hanging on the train down and was being ruthlessly dragged with the train. After seeing the passenger being dragged, an RPF (Railway Protection Force) jawan saved him by instantly running towards him and dragging him out of the train.

In the post, the Ministry of Railways requests passengers to not get down or climb inside the running train as it is a very dangerous stunt to perform.

Sharing the video, Ministry of Railways wrote, “हावड़ा स्टेशन पर आज एक यात्री चलती हुई लोकल ट्रेन में चढ़ने के क्रम में फिसल कर घिसटने लगा। ड्यूटी पर तैनात सतर्क आरपीएफ के सिपाही ने उसे फुर्ती के साथ बाहर खींच कर बचा लिया।यात्रियों से अनुरोध करते हैं कि वे चलती गाड़ी में चढ़ने या उतरने की कोशिश ना करें, यह जानलेवा हो सकता है. (sic)” The video is going viral on social media.

Watch the video here:

Netizens applaud the RPF jawan for quick action while some slam people for being stupid and putting their life into danger.