Monkeys are the most intelligent animals and time and again they have proved this. From washing utensils to stealing cash, monkeys have stunned the people all around the world. Now, a video of monkey washing clothes like a pro has gone viral on the internet and it has taken social media by storm. In the video, the monkey can be seen beating a piece of cloth several times and then it dips the cloth in a big vessel full of water. It can be seen repeating the process of washing clothes all over again. People can be heard cheering and rooting for the monkey as he does its work diligently.

The video was shared by a Twitter user named IFS officer Susanta Nanda. Sharing the tweet, she wrote, “Contagious behaviour. Learning to do from seeing it done by this primate is extremely amusing. (sic)”

Watch the viral video here:

Many Twitter users applauded the monkey and some appreciated its skills for learning human activity. One user commented, “That’s caused by ‘mirror neurons’ of the brain. They specifically are for this. Help in almost all aspects of learning.” While the other wrote, “For what amount can I hire this ape to wash my clothes? He appears quite diligent.”

Another user wrote, “Is he making naan or washing clothes?”

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Monkeys are the smartest animals and some of the human activities they learn just observing the humans. The video will definitely melt your heart and will definitely give you a good laugh.

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