Pineapples are tropical fruit that is rich in vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. The fruit helps in boosting the immune system too. However, cutting and slicing the pineapple has always been a task for all of us. But, do you know the internet has the easiest method to cut and eat it? A video is breaking the internet where it shows how to eat the pineapple in the easiest way.

Pineapple is making headlines after a Twitter user shared an original way of eating it and that has been baffling the internet ever since it first appeared. The video shows a very unique, but seemingly efficient way of eating pineapple by sliting sections of the tropical fruit away from the core.

The video was first shared on Tik Tok by a user. It has now gone viral on Twitter, Facebook and also Instagram. The video shows someone chopping the top of a pineapple and then pulling out sections of the fruit. Then a Twitter user Dennis Naghizadeh reshared the video recently. It has now garnered 160,447 retweets and 395,605 likes.

Watch the viral video here:

Twitterati are actually trying this hack and they are loving it. Check the tweets below:

Many people reportedly had their minds blown by the innovative way to eat pineapple. They shared with their friends online and are waiting for more such hacks.

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