Twitterati went gaga over an elderly man in New York who showed a brilliant example of generosity, humanity and integrity on a street. In a video that has been shared by a woman who goes by the name Antonella212 on Twitter, a man, probably in his 60s, is seen giving his shoes and socks to a homeless man on the streets of NY. The man happens to be jogging on the street when he notices a homeless man sitting alongside, he removes his shoes and pulls out his socks and gives them to the man, chats with him for a few minutes and then leaves barefooted.

The woman who shared the video on Twitter wrote a beautiful caption along. She posted, “It was 9am in the WTC area, I watched as a jogger took off his sneakers, gave them to a homeless man, & walked the NYC streets barefoot.

“Our character is what we do when we think nobody is looking.” ❤️” (sic)

The kind gesture of the elderly man has received wide applause from people on Twitter. His little act of humility has inspired many on the social media platform with people even crediting him for making them more compassionate and giving in life.

It’s beautiful to see how such little things make this world a better to place to live in. The elderly man could have avoided looking at the homeless guy or could have simply moved past him while continuing with his jog routine. But, he made a choice. It’s also appreciable how the woman recorded that moment and shared it online for others to draw inspiration from it. As Irrfan said, ‘Sharing is Caring.’!