The beauty industry keeps coming up with bizarre trends and clothing lines and we have seen it all in the past few years. From augmented reality apps to doing makeup with condoms, every time these tips and trends have gone viral. When it comes to doing makeup, our best friend is our brushes and beauty blender but washing them is again a big task for most of the people. Now, a little washing machine which was originally just a toy has been turned into a beauty blender cleansing device by beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis.

Tiffany uploaded a video on Instagram just to prove that it actually works. In the video, she starts filling the tiny washing machine with water and bubbly soap. She then put the dirty blender inside the toy and presses the button on it and the machine started cleaning the blender. To our surprise, the beauty blender comes out absolutely clean.

The video has gone viral since then and has fetched seven lakh views.

Watch the video here:

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The little washing machine is available on Amazon for $11. Tiffany ordered the machine for her dollhouse but then decided to get it for some use for her beauty blender.