Airplanes and their stories are always interesting and often takes the internet by storm. Now, a video is going insanely viral on social media that shows two men engaged in a fight over an airplane window shade. In the video, the passenger, who is filming the whole incident, wants the front window shade to be closed while the other passenger sitting ride beside the window wants it open.

The man with the camera in his hand can be heard saying, “I want this down” and closes the window again and again, while the man sitting next to the window keeps opening the window shade.

The man filming the incident can be heard saying, “I really want it down. It’s too bright.” The fight escalates and a flight attendant intervenes. The video has been shared on Instagram by the official handle of Passengers Shaming and captioned it as, “WINDOW SHADE WARS All windows were to be open for descent per this airline request, hence why dude in the back had his open; not fake. These. Are. Grown. Men. (sic)”

Watch the viral video here:

One user commented, “The guy behind shouldn’t be doing it. He’s instigating a fight,” said one person. “Why is he shutting someone else’s blind when his is open?” while the other wrote, “”I think the guy filming just wants a video for the internet. He’s being ridiculous.”

Another user commented, “It’s not this guy’s window. It’s behind his seat. I’d wrist lock him next time he did that.”