Everybody knows how Beyonce is well acquainted with quick and flawlessly smooth dance move executions. She can make a badly conceptualized video look good with her perfectly choreographed dance moves, she is indeed the reigning queen of pop.

Dancing in high heels is no so happy feet. Buts it’s the signature move for this French dancer- choreographer -teacher Yanis Marshall .He is delivering some amazing dance moves with his friends Anaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine. This is just a dance rehearsal routine for their final Britain’s Got Talent performance.

The choreography done in stiletto boots has everything from high kicks, body rolls, booty shakes , crawls and evening spanking, and the dance routine they do is amazing and they manage to stay sexy all the while!

Marshall had took to twitter and said, “#GoneVIRAL #Again #Sorry #NotSorry Over 300 000 Views on YT in just 3 days @Beyonce #Share #ThankYou #300Kin3Days,”But since then the views have been increasing every day.