A video of a priest being pushed off stage by a woman has gone viral on the internet. The woman pushed the priest in front of the gathering of 50,000 people after he said that fat women don’t go to heaven. The incident took place in Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil. As per the reports, the woman was initially sitting among the audience while Father Marcelo Rossi was addressing the audience. The five-second video was shared on Twitter and went viral instantly. The user while sharing the video wrote, “She shoved him because he said fat women won’t go to heaven. (sic)”

In the viral video, the woman can be seen running towards the priest and then pushes him off the stage. The other people on the stage are left in a shock and starts shouting and screaming after the incident. As the priest falls down, the woman can be seen smiling and ready to go behind him again.

According to reports, the priest was not hurt badly and resumed to stage to continue his speech.

Watch the video here:

Twitterati reacted to the video and called it ‘God’s action’. One user wrote, “The force, the energy ,the way he felllll  the man in the back holding his head I am done.” While the other commented, “I love how she was about to jump on him to kick his ass again LMAO she’s powerful.”

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However, the reports also suggest that the priest did not make any fat-shaming comments and rather was saying, “These hands no longer belong to me. Sinners, weak, but these hands belong to Jesus, so much that the priest already acts in the person of Christ. To serve, to bless…” It has also been said that the woman suffers from a mental disorder.