A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has hit Southern California on Saturday and it is said to be the strongest earthquakes in the last two decades that has hit the American state. Now, a video of a woman is going viral on the internet where she is trying to save her phone during the massive earthquake. The woman named Debra Bruegl is seen holding her phone high on the hands amidst the giant swimming pool waves. In the video, she can be seen sitting down on the floor steady as she was horrified to see the pool turned into giant waves. She then raises her phone high so that it does not get soaked.

As the reports, she came out of the pool when she felt the floor shaking. A Twitter user named ‘Geography made easy’ uploaded the video and tweeted, “Great visualisation for an earthquake … I’ll use this as a starter … Watch this swimming pool throw water everywhere during the recent earthquakes in California …it’s like a massive wave machine #earthquake #geography #geographyteacher. (sic)”

Watch the video here:

The video went viral instantly and fetched 106 retweets and 239 likes. One user wrote, “Is that her cell phone? Woah! I would have dropped mine and ran!” while the other commented, “Odd priorities we can have during an event like this. She saves her phone and guy comes to help her with her phone. Strange.”

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As per the reports, the earthquake shook buildings and cut power supplies in the state. However, no causalities were reported.