A video is doing rounds on social media where a luggage handler was filmed at the South Africa airport. There are many stories and videos which circulate online that show a few baggage handlers at airports mishandle passenger’s luggage and throw them or even open them to take out the things. This viral video is totally opposite of what happens at the airport. A video posted by Janine Brand on Facebook shows the airport handler going an extra mile and carefully handling bags and suitcases at a conveyor belt. The video has garnered over 1.3 million views so far.

The handler named  Ephraim Sibeko wins everyone’s hearts by giving a gentle treatment to the luggage. He can be seen keeping the bags properly in an order and even turning them over if the handle isn’t facing upwards.

Watch the heart-winning video here:

Janina Brand, who took the video, praised the man for his kind actions. Janina told News 24, “I travel a lot. I have been to some of the most popular airports in the world, but I have never seen something like this. No form of education can teach you that.”

Janina wrote, “Next time you travel through Lanseria Airport and you come across Ephraim, stop, thank and tip him because nowhere in the world will you ever receive first class service like that”.