India’s skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress cum producer  Anushka Sharma got married in Italy on 11 December. And as soon as the couple posted the official tweets, netizens went crazy and still, the internet is in meltdown mode. Hashtags like #VirushkaWedding and #VirushkaKiShadi were trending and at one point it was on the top. And amidst the same brands thought to grab the opportunity of trending news to market their products and some of them really got creative and made epic ads and wished the couple.

Durex Wishes Virat Anushka on Their Wedding; No Ban on Condom Ads on Social Media?

Durex Wishes Virat Anushka on Their Wedding; No Ban on Condom Ads on Social Media?

Since their wedding news was trending everywhere brands like Durex came up with a great ad to market their product subtlely. Social media platforms were flooded with congratulatory wishes but these creative ads stood out as brands know how to market and stand out from the clutter. Their slogans were catchy and smartly related the brands as well and the same caught a lot of attention. Here are the ads:

Right kind of marketing

Amul-ya ad!

Ad game on point

Fevicol ka jod for life

Wrogn chose smart way to connect with their TG

Great marketing move

BTS video rightly timed

Twitterati hailed the marketing efforts of these brands. ” I want to meet the creative team who makes such good humorous advertisement… Please,” one of the Twitter users tweeted. Nothing could be the finest greeting than this! What a creativity and charming concept! Kudos ! Thanks !,” another user tweeted. In the past as well, many brands made creative ads around the trending topic. And this marketing move is quite smart as the brand cleverly promote their product and get recognition for showcasing their side or support for that particular vital and trending topic. What are your views on these creative ads? Let us know in the comments below.