Social media is one of the hottest phenomena that has been creating trends over time and popular celebrities and influencers have been cashing in. Indian skipper Virat Kohli is among the top celebrity cricket influencers on the Instagram rich list.

In a recent survey done by HopperHQ, a list has been compiled with an Instagram rich list for 2018. It reveals how much an influencer is making and who are the top players on the list.

As per the survey, Virat Kohli can charge a whopping 120,000 USD which is more than Rs 82 lakh for a single sponsored Instagram post. He is number 17 on the list, however, in the category of sports, he bagged the 9th spot.

As per the survey, the celebrity influencer with the highest payout for a single post is Kylie Jenner. She charges a whopping 1 million USD followed by Selena Gomez who charges 800,000 USD for a single Instagram post.

Being an established Instagram influencer can provide a steady income and also helps users pursue their dreams and goals.

The skipper has been enjoying in England with his wife and actress Anushka Sharma as the Indian cricket team is on Tour their.

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The survey has taken into account the number of followers, the engagement per post and the frequency of posts.

The other celebrities that have been featured on the list include Christiano Ronaldo, Beyonce, Dwayne Johnson, Justin Bieber along with others.