The Indian team has delivered a commendable inning in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 semi-final match against Bangladesh. However, the most talked about topic of the evening has once again been Virat Kohli whose expression turned him into a meme in this match! Virat Kohli was overjoyed when Team India took the fifth wicket, and the Indian Captain’s expression left everyone in splits and turned him into a meme! Twitter was quick to come up with funny reactions and made the expression the talking point of the crucial match. India vs Bangladesh semi-final match dubbed as ‘Dog vs Tiger’ in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 by Bangladesh fan!

Virat Kohli recreated the tongue emoji when he sent back Mushfiqur Rahim to the pavilion with a phenomenal catch. The Indian captain’s celebration on this wicket made every cricket fan laugh out loud and gave Twitter their latest meme! Twitterati came up with hilarious situations where Kohli’s expression would be the perfect reaction and the end result was absolutely entertaining! From misreading girlfriend Anushka Sharma’s expressions to GoT references and inside jokes, Twitter was full of a wide range of jokes, and it is only fair that we paid some attention to the best of them all!

While there were a group of haters who began to compare the Indian captain with a dog and shared multiple pictures of Virat as a Dog, fans of the phenomenal cricketer were quick to shut the haters down and filled the social media with jokes and memes that spread smiles and made fun of the expression in the most loving way possible. Twitterati managed to turn the day around and ignored the negativity instead of promoting it. Here are the best jokes and reaction to Virat Kohli’s priceless reaction!

They began with simple reactions

There were some remarkable comparisons

That phenomenal feeling!

Every Foodie knows the feeling

Throwback to school days?

Just Virat Kohli things

A summary of weird expressions

And finally some Anushka Sharma jokes