Vogue is known as one of the most liberal magazines that promote and celebrates diversity. In October 2016, Vogue magazine did a photoshoot with models of different races to keep with its theme, ‘Celebrating Beauty in Diversity’. Raudha Atif, one of the cover girls of the magazine immediately caught people’s eyes thanks to her deep aqua blue eyes that made her stand out. However, the Vogue cover girl is no more; she was found hanging from her hostel room in Bangladesh. While the autopsy reports claim that it was a suicide, her father and other family members have made allegations that it was a cold-blooded murder as Raudha wore jeans to college and refused to wear Islamic clothing. Delhi University 3rd year student Arzu Singh found murdered; boyfriend Navin accused

The 20-year-old Muslim model had been an advocate of freedom of choice and was studying medicine at the Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi city of Bangladesh. The young and beautiful woman was somewhat a celebrity on campus thanks to her modelling stunts. Her body was found in her hostel room at the end of March. The autopsy of Raudha Atif was done in her own college according to reports, and the authorities ruled it out as a suicide. Raudha’s father, Dr.Mohamed Athif‏ has challenged this report and took to social media to reveal that his daughter was murdered on the campus. The heartbroken father also spoke about a few facts that he had about this unfortunate incident. “Maldivian medical student and my daughter Raudha Athif did not commit suicide.She was murdered at her hostel room.I ve the facts”, his tweet read. Maharashtra: Boy, girl stripped and bludgeoned to death in Lonavala

Raudha was from Maldives and was in her second year of medicine at the college. Her family claimed that Raudha had been murdered by extremists who were angry over her behaviour and attitude in the college. Speaking to the Sun, her brother, Rayyan said, ““Her style of clothing was branded as ‘immodest’ and ‘un-Islamic’ even though she adhered to the dress code in the college premises by wearing a veil covering her face.” Raudha had also told her family that someone had tried slipping sleeping pills into her drink a few weeks before. The Maldivian police have also contacted the Rajshahi Metropolitan Police of Bangladesh and are looking into the issue. Amin Hossain, the assistant commissioner of RMP Detective Branch, told media houses that there was a 50% chance that she did not commit suicide.