Fashion magazine Vogue is in the middle of criticism for a racist photoshoot featuring model Karlie Kloss as a Japanese geisha. The photo shoot which was supposed to be a celebration of diversity backfired with people questioning why the magazine did not use an Asian model. Vogue in its March edition is celebrating the diversity of “the modern American woman” featuring ethnicities and different body types. While cover features Chinese model Liu Wen, Kloss graced the spreadsheet as a geisha.  Kloss is seen wearing a patterned robe and black wig.

The March issue of Vogue sparked a controversy after its first images were released last week. While Kloss walks down a fleet of stairs of a tea house in one picture, she is seen beside a sumo wrestler in another. The fashion and movie industry has in the past also been accused when white actresses played Asian roles in movies. Following criticism from social media, Kloss quickly took to Twitter to clear her stand in the issued. She apologised saying that she was “sorry to participate in a shoot that was not culturally sensitive”. The top fashion model is Danish and German. Kloss had shared a picture from the photoshoot with painted white face, red lips, soaking in a tub. Vogue Paris Features Transgender Model on its Cover for the first time and creates history

Here is what she shared on Instagram:

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Kloss has been involved in such rows in the past too. In 2012, the 24-year-old model had apologised for wearing an American Indian outfit for Victoria’s Secret catwalk show. She had then apologised saying, “I am deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone. I support VS’s decision to remove the outfit from the broadcast.” The controversy comes after the magazine was accused of making plus size model Ashley Graham look thinner on the latest cover. The in the photo shoot where the models dressed in patterned bikini bottoms and black turtlenecks, social media users pointed out that Gigi Hadid’s hand was photoshopped to lengthen it to make Graham ‘s waist look smaller.