Voices...murmurs of the mind: Must see short film on mental disorder Schizophrenia

“Pritha lived in her own world. A world of voices and visions, which no one could comprehend. This world of hers had different sounds…visuals…murmurs…it was…it was her very own private space.” Pritha was diagnosed with Schizophrenic Depression Syndrome. This Bengali short film, titled Voices…murmurs of the mind, is the story of Pritha – a mother, a wife who lost her identity while doing everything for everyone. This is a must see film on Schizophrenia, created by Learning System under its Cinema For A Cause initiative.

Why was Pritha affected by Schizophrenia?

She used to be a dancer, but her mother died when she very young, in a Darjeeling convent school. Pritha was then married off right after school, and once her child grew up, she lead a lonely life. Her husband, daughter and maid notice that she is talking to herself, and make fun of her until things turns serious. Pritha not only burns food while cooking, but also is caught dancing in the night.

Upon visiting the doctor, Pritha’s husband realises that his wife’s condition is due to unfulfilled desires and her dancing talent not being appreciated by her family. The doctor reveals Schizophrenia is a mental disorder leading to disintegration of thought processes that results in hallucinations, delusions, hearing voices or disorganised speech. In Pritha’s case, she hears voices and talks to them in her own world (this is not to be confused with Multiple Personality Disorder). This happens because of isolation and alienation. (ALSO SEE: Is Facebook making you feel depressed?)

This film is directed by Abhishek Ganguli, and is an initiative to make people aware about the mental illness of Schizophrenia that is growing across the globe. It is to alert everyone that your family member might be affected by the mental disorder and you wouldn’t even know about it. Watch the film here.