Volkswagen Vento makes the most irritating ad ever; also promotes unsafe driving!

The Volkswagen Vento television commercial (TVC), released a few months ago, is still generating adverse comments online. Vento urges us to ‘Feel the Love’, but instead of feeling the love, viewers are finding the ad irritating to the core! The ad, first of all, begins on a jarring note with the actor’s voice not being dubbed properly. And then, it shows him driving in a little unsafe manner with an infant on board, while making the baby laugh.

While the Vento might be promoting some features on its car, like the auto indicator alert we suppose, these features are not clear at all. We only get a hint thanks to the voiceover. All we could figure out otherwise was the new look of the Vento and that the man is trying to be a hands-on daddy.

Wonder why this ad’s director did not go for retakes or ask for better dubbing. Is this what big brands like Volkswagen are paying the ad agencies for? (And especially now, when the company is in a pollution scam, it should remove such ads.) Take a look!