A note war over the ownership of flower is going viral on the internet. The neighbours are fighting with post-it notes on the flower’s branch and it is too hilarious to give it a miss. A residence of Dalyell Road in London took to micro-blogging site Twitter to share the pictures of the flowers with the notes stick on it. The original and the very first note reads, “Please don’t pick my flowers. Thank you.”

The tree with beautiful flowers became the battleground and the argument was taken over by handwritten notes encased in plastic wallets. As per the reports by Mashable, on Saturday the tree was completely taken over by the post-it notes.

Soon after the first note, another neighbour pinned the note, It reads, “In an area massively affected by gentrification, it’s sad to see people claiming ownership of even the flowers.”

Another note reads, “Flowers on the public pavement is owned by all the community, not just the house they happen to fall in front of.”

The neighbour who pinned the original note responded, “Are you serious? This is not about ownership or gentrification, this is about someone trying to make the street a nicer place for everyone by planting flowers and people stealing them and stamping on them. How can you try and justify that?”

Soon after that, another note was pinned that reads, “The council do not pay anything towards planting or watering nor do they provide any maintenance. These flowers did not grow wild and were here because they were planted, watered, maintained and replaced by local residents.”

The first handwritten green note reads, “Helpful to know that the flowers were part of a community project. However, if that is the case it was very misleading to refer to them as ‘my’ flowers. What a shame that you have taken it upon yourself to dig up the community flowers.”

The spat ended with removing of the flowers, “Love, you’ve got plenty of spare time on your hands. Why don’t you plant some flowers? ‘Mine’ are going elsewhere.”

Finally, the peace was restored with yet another note from the owner of the plant. The last note reads, “Thank you! What a lovely bunch of people live on this road! Thank you to everyone who has said hello this weekend. It has got had to replace items in this planter, they were constantly being removed. I have relocated plants to neighbours and Ferndale Road Planter.”

The war over the flowers has received plenty of comments and thousands of likes. Not only this, but Twitterati are eagerly waiting for flower battle season2.