New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a 20-year-old youth died while performing stunts on a local train in Maharashtra’s Kalyan on Thursday. His friends were recording the stunt on their mobile phones, when Dilshan hit the pole and lost his life.

The Ministry of Railways on Monday took to Twitter to post the video of the stunt and advised people to learn a lesson from it and not attempt such stunts.

Here’s what the post reads: ”Do not do stunts in the train, it is illegal and can prove fatal. On 26 December in Mumbai, a young man named Dilshan has lost his life while performing stunts outside the train. Disregarding your safety, hanging out of the train, boarding a moving train, can cause accidents”.

As per a Mumbai Mirror report, Thursday’s incident brought the number of such deaths on the suburban section to four this year. In a similar accident, on December 9, a teenager from Thane, travelling in a local train, fell to his death after hitting a pole between Mumbra and Kalwa.

Watch the video:

This is how netizens reacted to it:

Despite advisories and safety campaigns by railway authorities, many youngsters are routinely caught performing such stunt and risking their lives.

Scores of young boys have been arrested this year by authorities for indulging in dangerous and life-threatening stunts on moving Mumbai local trains.