Andrea Jeremiah and Arjun Coomarasamy have come together to share a musically beautiful gift to their fans. The duo chose the perfect time to come up with an out-and-out romantic song called Drifter. The music and lyrics are by Andrea and the music video also features British singer-songwriter Arjun.

Although Andrea wrote the song Drifter last year, she chose to share it with her fans this year around Valentine’s Day. The song is from a guy’s point of view, the reason why she chose Arjun to do the song. but the UK based singer wanted it to be a duet instead.

Both the promising singers joined for this project and shared a musical gift to their fans on Valentine’s Day, on most of the 14th February Andrea usually prefers singing to her fans on stage, this time she spent the day released the brand new single Drifter. If you have not yet listened to Andrea Jeremiah and Arjun Coomarasamy’s song Drifter, take a look at the video below.