The Canada Parliament was attacked on October 22 by an unidentified assailant. The Canadian Prime Minister and the Member of Parliament are all safe but the Parliament is under complete lockdown. One soldier was allegedly killed after he was shot in the incident. A few hours earlier Canada had raised its terror threat level from low to medium. The threat level was raised in response to an increase in online activity among radical groups including Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

The suspect ran towards the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, firing around 50 shots at government buildings and multiple shots at the war memorial. He is yet to be caught and is unidentified.  The police are still guarding the house which is under heavy security. According to BBC, the police have not yet confirmed whether the attack was carried by a lone terrorist or if it was a group attack. Although eye-witnesses have said that there was only one person. Here is a tweet of the incident where the police officer was shot.

Watch video of the Canadian Parliament shootout that surfaced on Youtube in the player below.