Madrid: Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg made yet another powerful speech in Madrid and said that young people will do everything possible so the climate crisis “cannot be ignored.”

Speaking at a press conference in the Spanish capital on Friday she added that although the movement has raised public awareness of the problem “there is no victory” because CO2 emissions have continued to rise, Efe news reported.

Greta, spoke alongside other young activists in the Fridays For Future movement from around the world, before participating in a march through the centre of the city, which was expected to draw thousands of people.

She said the movement is “really gaining momentum” and “we are getting bigger and bigger and our voices are being heard more and more but of course that does not translate into political action”. The teenager added that people should not “listen to me before anyone else” and described herself as “just an activist a climate activist a small part of a very big movement”.

The young activist, who was a candidate for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, said public awareness about the issue has risen but that it is not enough without political action.

“I sincerely hope that the Cop25 will lead to something concrete and that will lead to also an increase in awareness among people in general and that the world leaders the people in power grasp the urgency of the climate crisis because right now it doesn’t seem like they are,” she added.

“So I really hope that and I know we will do everything we can to make sure that this is something that cannot be ignored anymore, that they cannot just hide away anymore.”

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She said Cop25 should not be ignored and added: “We cannot afford anymore days going by without real action being taken. We have been striking now for over a year and still basically nothing has happened. The climate crisis is still being ignored by those in power and we cannot go on like this, it is not a sustainable solution that children skip school we cannot go on like that. We don’t want to continue so we would love some action from the people in power because people are suffering and dying from the climate and ecological emergency today and we cannot wait any longer.”

The young Swedish activist has become a benchmark among millions of young people who are mobilising around the world and have followed her example of striking from their studies on Fridays calling for measures to combat the climate crisis.