Brazil, June 5: In a horrific video that was taken by some passersby at the Brazilian Beach, an 18-year-old teenage swimmer was attacked by a shark wherein the boy’s private part and a leg was bitten off by the predator. Jose Ernestor da Silva, the victim who was swimming off the Piedade beach in Recife city bled heavily and soon succumbed to his injuries.

As per reports by, the teenager was seen being pulled up by the lifeguards along the beach’s shore. Passersby rushed to help the boy and tried to control the blood flow but the boy kept bleeding profusely. Watch the video right here to see the horrific situation. People are cautioned to see the video at their own risk as it is distressing. (Also Read: Dancing Uncle Sets The Internet on Fire with Govinda’s ‘Husn Hai Suhana’ Dance Moves- Watch)

Apparently, the boy was swimming at quite a distance from the shore when the shark attacked. Recife Fire Department confirmed the attack saying the same. The boy was rushed to the Hospital De Aeronautica De Recife by lifeguards where his condition was said to be critical at first but he stabilized a while after his wounds were closed. Soon thereafter, the boy suffered multiple heart attacks and collapsed.

Director of Recife’s Restauracao Hospital Miguel Arcanjo, said, “He arrived unconscious, with an extremely extensive, very serious wound. After the surgery, which ended around 9.30pm, he was admitted to the ICU. He lost a lot of blood, which was replaced, but he had a hypovolemic shock and did not resist.” According to hospital authorities, a tiger shark seems to have bitten off the boy’s penis and leg which was amputated but the boy couldn’t survive.

Shark attacks have increased over time as this is the second instance in less than two months that has left a swimmer dead. On April 15, 35-year-old Pablo de Melo lost a leg and a hand which had to be amputated after being attacked by a shark on the same beach.