California: A dramatic video has captured the heart-stopping moment a man was pulled from the tracks just seconds before a speeding train arrived at the platform in Oakland, California. The clip, released by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), shows how supervisor John O’Connor’s presence of mind saves the life of a man.

In a statement, BART said that the man who was intoxicated and accidentally fell onto the track falling into the trackway while a train was approaching around 5:20 p.m on Sunday. Upon seeing the train approach, O’Connor quickly jumped forward and pulled the man towards safety.


After the super terrifying moment, the two men hugged each other while passengers on the platform applauded and cheered them. The man meanwhile was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation, according to BART officials. Luckily, there were no injuries.

“I was standing on the yellow strip, telling people to stay back, looking (north) toward Lake Merritt when, in my peripheral vision, I saw him fall—almost like he missed a step going up a stairway, and he ended up in the trackway. Everybody was telling him, Get out of the trackway, a train’s coming, O’Connor told The Daily Mail, recalling the moment.

O’Connor is now being called a hero and was even honoured at a press conference on Monday at the Oakland Coliseum.  Remaining humble, he said, “I just did what I did. I just thank God I was there.”