The Slow Mo Guys are known for uploading epic videos that not only blow up the internet but also involve blowing up a lot of things. They use the Phantom Flex and other high speed cameras are used to capture exciting and some mundane activities which look absolutely stunning when they shot and shown at an extremely high frame rate which seemingly reduces the speed at how things happen in real time.

Water balloons filled with water make for water balloon fights but what is so different done by the Slow Mo Guys which makes this such a big deal? For starters, the balloon is over ten times the size of a regular sized balloon. As the cameras are pushed back to make leeway for the impending splash. It takes quite some time to only fill the balloon up to a reasonably big size with water before Gavin dives on it to make a big splash. [Also Watch: Condom Challenge by Slow Mo Guys has hilarious results]

To everyone’s surprise, the balloon held his weight up easily. More water is added and Gavin Free even tries to jump from a tree but that attempt fails. What do we do now because simply poking a pin into the balloon would be too obvious a way to burst it. Gavin gets his brother and both the Free  brothers jump on the balloon at one time in spectacular style. You have got to watch the video which has been viewed by over 118 million people.