Union Minister of State for Culture and Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma has taken a U-turn on his comments on Dadri Lynching by saying the he is not an expert on the particular issue. The minister made his comments soon after the veterinary report of the meat came into the public domain which said that the meat stored in fridge was ‘Mutton’, but not ‘Beef’.

The same minister was among the first person to visit the relatives of Mohammed Akhlaq who was lynched on September 28 by a group of people in Dadri. Sharma at that time that this incident shouldn’t have happened and 52-year-old Akhlaq should not have stored beef in his freeze. After his visit and comments a debate over the issue took place among all major places in the country. Though on Tuesday he denied to comment on the issue and said that he is not an expert. Sharma also said that he has not seen the report, but will love to read it once it is shown to him. (ALSO READ: Dadri lynching: Meat in Akhlaq’s house was of goat, not beef, confirms veterinary department)

Soon after the visit, leaders from across the nation like AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi visited the house and tried to meet the family. Though allegations and post allegations continued of invoking communal tensions, nobody wanted to take the responsibility to calm down the sentiments unless President Pranab Mukherjee intervened.