Makeup artist and YouTube star Kandee Johnson from Los Angeles is known for his amazing makeup skills. The beauty contributor can make herself look literally like anyone. You might have seen many DIY Disney inspiration make up videos. This time the artist has chosen some chosen men for the transformation task.

Yes, few men have been chosen to give a special Disney transformation. Although the guys have abundant chest hair, their transformed look will leave you amazed. Without saying, this could also ruin your favourite childhood memories related to you most liked Disney movie characters.

The ordinary looking guys turn into Belle, Tiana, Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine with not just a tinge but a whole lot of makeup incredible efforts taken by the makeup artist. The guys are awed by the results and confess that they look beautiful, weird and crazy at the same time. (Amazing makeover: Grandmas turn Disney princesses!

The guys look weird yet almost resemble the Disney characters with the apt makeup, nice and flowy wigs and the patent character costumes. So take a trip down the memory lane with your favourite Disney characters. Only this time the guys have donned the look of the lovable Disney princesses. Check out the Buzzfeed video below to know how the men transformed into Disney princesses, because why can’t princesses have hairy chests? (How will Disney Princesses look plus-size? Tumblr artist answers it with beautiful makeover!)