Would you like to try some creepy crawly creatures for meal today? Well New Zealand model Nela Zisser is game for anything. The beautiful model who is known for taking up many competitive eating challenges, tried something unusual this time. The Miss Earth New Zealand 2013 is up for something more bizarre this time! She is here seen eating 10 scorpions back to back in this video.

She was travelling in Thailand and she wanted to try something exciting. What could be more exciting than trying some different palate that you have never tried before. Scorpions are served in different forms, Nela tries the deep fried ones with soy sauce. She bites, nibbles and eats them with much enthusiasm.She munches down 10 scorpions in less than 2 minutes along with a glass of juice! (ALSO READ: Watch how this New Zealand model tries eating 100 McDonald’s cheeseburger in 2 hours!)

Nela said, “I recently went to Thailand for a holiday to film some new eating challenges, this was the first one I did and I can safely say eating scorpions isn’t that bad. Eating a Tarantula on the other hand was pretty disgusting.” Watch the video below.