In this Buzzfeed video, people try the Kim Kardashian makeup routine for the very first time. What follows is something amazing! Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie make use of makeup contouring to enhance their looks. Contouring is a makeup trick used by makeup artists to bring depth into someones face by shading. So if you want to know what happens when people try doing the make contouring routine of Kim K watch the video below.(ALSO READ: #MakeupMania: Watch the transformation, 1 face and 5 different looks)

You will be surprised to know how this amazingly complex makeup technique brings out your cheekbones at the same time slims your nose. Not only it makes you look pretty, but it also sculpt your face subtly. In this video three women and a guy take up the challenge and pose for the makeup artist. They have no idea what it takes to look like Kim Kardashian, but are game for anything. Watch the video of how people try the Kim Kardashian makeup for the first time.