New Zealand model, Miss Earth New Zealand 2013 Nela Zisser is the most amazing competitive eating enthusiast we have seen so far. The pretty young lady this time took a mind-boggling 100 McDonald’s cheeseburger challenge. The earlier record was set by Yuka Kinoshit who managed to eat 62 burgers.

But Nela wanted to do something different, she chose not to take breaks and do the whole challenge in a constrained time limit. Nela started off with a mix of cheeseburgers and chicken burgers. You will be amazed to see the beauty queen chomp down burgers one after another without a break, the only break she ever took was to sip water in between. (ALSO READ: This Japanese girl eats 100 pieces of bread in one sitting & her video is going viral)

Within a span of two hours, Nela managed to chomp down 45 burgers! That means the beauty queen had 14,560 calories within two hours. Although she admits she didn’t feel great afterwards and the aftertaste was something that put her off after the 45th burger that she could not have anymore.

We are amazed at her competitive eating potential. But she reminds the viewers not to try this challenge at home, as this could prove to be harmful to people. Those who practice this and are professional can handle such heavy eating challenge. This is not the first time Nela Zisser has attempted something like this, she has taken many more challenges. Check this space for more!