Pune: A sanitation worker in Pune, and his unique initiative to create awareness on cleanliness is going viral on the internet for all the right reasons.

Mahadev Jadhav, a worker with Pune Municipal corporation (PMC) for nearly 25 years, has found out an interesting method to educate and create awareness amongst people about waste disposal. And that’s through singing!

Through his songs which are usually remixed versions of old Bollywood songs, he tries to make people understand the importance of cleanliness. He himself has composed many different songs on cleaning, which he plays in front of people every day in the morning while separating the wet and dry garbage.

Have a look at this video, which is a spin of the of the classic ‘Kajra Mohabbat wala’:

After the video attracted the attention of netizens, people have been going up to him and requesting him for a song.


“No one asked me to sing, I sing so that I can reach out to more people. To create awareness among people as to where to put dry and wet waste, so the people can be educated about separating dry and wet garbage in order to help the corporation and us workers,” Jadhav told ANI.

Jadhav says that changes in the perception of people towards waste disposal is changing now, adding that  almost 60 per cent of the people understand and follow rules

Well, we can definitely learn a lesson from him and ensure that we make cleanliness a priority in our lives.