This video shows you how to use a female condom.

Watch out video guide on how to use a female condom, also known as femidom. The female condom is made of nitrile, which is woman initiated contraceptives. It is a type of barrier contraceptives, these contraceptives prevents unwanted pregnancy, as well as STIs like trichomoniasis, chlamydia, herpes, syphilis and HIV.

The female condom works like a male condom but it’s inserted into the vagina. The condom has two rings, the small one is the inner ring and the bigger one is the outer ring. The smaller ring should go inside, the inner part is of the female condom is closed, and the bigger ring should remain outside. In order to insert in you have to hold it in the form of figure of 8.While inserting it into the female genital care should be taken that the outer ring should cover the labia and the male genital organ should pass through the center of the ring and I should be made sure that the male genital is not penetrated from the sides of this female condom.

To remove it hold the outer ring, twist it so as to seal in the fluid and pull it out gently. Do not discard it in toilet seats, discard them in garbage.

Watch the informative video below.