Kothamangalam: In a beautiful gesture of communal harmony, a church in Kerala opened its doors and allowed hundreds of Muslims to pray on its premises on Saturday.

On Saturday, a group of people including Muslims were taking part in the ‘Secular Youth March’ organised by the Kerala chapter of All India Professional Congress against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens.

When the march ended, the Muslims realised it was close to the evening prayer time, that’s when St. Thomas Church, Kothamangalam (Mar Thoma Cheriapally) opened its campus and welcomed the Muslims to offer their prayers there.

Not just that, the priest himself offered water to perform Wudhu (the ritual washing performed by Muslims before prayer) to IUML leader Sayyid Munavvar Ali Thangal who was part of the march.

“Going to a mosque would have delayed the namaz. So we requested the church authorities to permit the Muslims to do the namaz there. They, in turn, went above and beyond to make all arrangements for the Maghrib prayer,” said Mathew Kuzhalnadan, AIPC state president.

Kerala was one of the first states to come out against the NRC and said that both CAA and NRC won’t be implemented in the state.