New Delhi: After the video of a woman feasting on bat wings went viral, another video has surfaced on the internet in which an Asian man can be seen eating alive baby mice.

The clip which has disgusted many shows the man sipping a glass of white wine before picking up the mouse with a chopstick from a plate. He then dips it in a yellow sauce and eats it.

The footage comes amid widespread panic about the deadly coronavirus, which has claimed 56 lives in China.

The user, who has shared the video, captioned it as ‘I can’t believe these pictures. In this civilized society, we eat newborn mouse Scared me intolerable. #chinazi #WuhanCoronavirus.’

Watch it here:

As per the Sun, this gruesome delicacy is known as Three Squeaks, because the mouse squeaks when it gets picked up by the diner, a dish popular throughout the Guangdong province.

However, it is unclear where and when this footage was taken.

Meanwhile, many people on social media have expressed disgust and outrage at the revolting video:

Coronavirus is linked to the same virus that led to the SARS epidemic in 2003 and leading Chinese virologists fear that this new deadly strain of coronavirus could lead to an outbreak 10 times worse than the previous one.

Meanwhile, amid the outbreak, India has asked China to release the students staying there as China is not allowing anyone to leave Wuhan in the wake of the rapid spread of the virus.